But if the “For the People’s Act” is passed, they could steal the next one

It has now been just under five months since the presidential election in the United States, and the Democratic Party has already started their planned assault on the institutions and norms that has kept the US from political chaos in the past. House Democrats have already passed a sweeping voting bill that would change the nature of elections in the US forever. The “For the Peoples Act” is a bill that would essentially hand the federal government control of elections, rather than each state being in charge of running their own.

According to House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, the bill…

Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling will effect Canadians for years to come

With the Supreme Court of Canada set to issue a decision on the fate of the carbon tax on Thursday of this week, it has never been more important to discuss why Canadians should be hoping for the Supreme Court to axe the pillar of Justin Trudeau’s climate change plan for good.

In 2019, the Liberals began to implement an ambitious climate change plan. The centerpiece of this plan, the carbon tax, was to be implemented by provincial governments through a price on carbon or through the cap-and-trade system.

The kicker, however, was that the Liberals planned to use what…

Zach Brewerton

23 year old future lawyer from Toronto writing about politics, business & young people.

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